Membership Details 2018

Annual membership subscription rates for Viking Velo cc for 2018 are as follows:

Junior membership (under 18 yrs ) £ 1.00 per year.

Adult membership £ 12.00 per year (First Claim). £5.00 per year (second claim).We-Need-You

Social membership (non riding) £ 4.00 per year.

All memberships run from 1st January until 31st December. All membership rates are pro rota to allow new members to join the club later in the year without having to pay a backdated penalty for before they became members. For example, a new member who joins the club 6 months into the year, will pay for the remaining 6 months i.e. £6.00. In essence, it costs £ 1.00 per month.

For more details about joining Viking Velo CC, then please contact Andy Clarke 07470 098535 or email

Due to the website being bombarded by the modern day scourge of ” Spam ” , from sites trying to sell fake handbags, breast enhancements, todger extensions or to inform us that we have a long lost relative in some African rain forest who has left £3 million in their will….please don’t leave comments on the site if you want to get in touch. I have disabled comments so if you want to contact us, then Ring  or email.


We are affiliated to British Cycling and as such, our members are strongly advised to join British Cycling as individuals. The reason for this, is that by joining as an individual at a minimum of the RACE SILVER level,brings you a number of benefits,not least is which is it gives you 3rd party liability insurance. This covers you if you damage someone else’s property whilst out riding your bike, (say you hit a parked car). Please note that the minimum membership level of Bronze, does NOT provide you with this 3rd party insurance, so we strongly recommend the Silver or Gold (enhanced insurance). Members who have not been individually affiliated to British Cycling before, are entitled to a new member discount off their first years membership costs. This currently stands at £20 discount per new member to British Cycling. Full details can be found on the British Cycling website below:

Viking Velo cc is a club which is open to everyone, but the committee retains the right to refuse membership ( Viking Velo club constitution rule 4c ) .

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  1. Matthew fieldson

    I am new to cycling and would like to join the club how do I go about joining . I have just joined British cycling I look forward to hearing from you I can also be contacted on 07771861826

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