2014 Racing Results

Sunday 26th October, 2014. 9 miles GA9/2

Weather dry,overcast 16 degrees, wind moderate 16 mph south westerly.

1st – Andy Lewin 20 mins 06 secs

2nd – Julian Hesp 20 mins 29 secs

3rd – Arran Watson 23 mins 32 secs

4th – Ian Barley 24 mins 04 secs

5th – Ian Ferraby 25 mins 04 secs


1st – James Green 25 mins 14 secs ( Aegir )

2nd – George Carnall 25 mins 15 secs ( Aegir )

3rd – Jo Findley 27 mins 58 secs ( Lincsquad )

4th – Lesley Hattersley 29 mins 42 secs

5th – Jon Findley 30 mins 03 secs ( Aegir )

The last club time trial for 2014 and we were blessed with decent weather for the time of the year. In addition, the wind was very helpful for some fast times,with a south westerly helping a great deal. Fastest overall was Andy Lewin, riding his fixie. Andy set a new track record for a solo bike and knocked 1 second off previous record held by Julian Hesp, with a lightning fast 20.06. Julian  chased Andy home with a solid 20.29, despite wearing a cassak once belonging to Demis Roussos ! . Third place went to ” Our Ron ” who has improved all year and posted a super time of 23.32, with Ian Barley also showing his well being with a great 24.04. It was nice to also have 5 guest riders, most of whom came from the ” Real Aegir ” Cycling Club !. The BBQ afterwards was very pleasant as always and the weather stayed dry. Well that’s it for 2014, please note that Sunday morning rides are now starting again, see the training rides page for full details. So from the Racing section…adios….see you in 2015, where the proposed changes to the racing schedule, should make 2015 very interesting indeed ( all to be revealed soon !)

Sunday 19th October,2014. 10 miles GA10/1 ( Pot Luck 2 up league, leg 3 )

Weather dry, mild 22 degrees, wind strong southerly 22 mph.

1st – Arran Watson & Andy Lewin 29 mins 47 secs

2nd – Phil Burton & Ian Barley 32 mins 28 secs

3rd – Ian Ferraby & Julian Hesp 33 mins 15 secs

League positions after 3rd (final ) round.

1st – Andy Lewin 12 points

2nd – Phil Burton 10 points

3rd – Arran Watson 9 points ( 58.51)

4th – Julian Hesp 9 points (60.12)

5th – Ian Barley 9 points (61.15)

6th – Judd Parker 6 points

7th – Simon Hobday 4 points

8th – Matt Fieldson 3 points

The final round of the 2 up pot luck league was conducted in very difficult conditions, with a strong southerly wind making the 10 mile circuit an absolute greuller. The winning pairing on the day went to Arran Watson & Andy Lewin. They recorded 29 mins 47 secs and beat Phil Burton & Ian Barley(32.28) into 2nd place. Ian Ferraby & Julian Hesp were in 3rd place with 33 mins 15 secs. Full credit to all 6 riders, the conditions were as bad as they could get for this particular track and the times recorded reflect this fact. The final league table shows that Andy Lewin was the winner with 12 points, followed by the rapidly improving Phil Burton in 2nd place with 10 points. There were then 3 riders who tied with 9 points, the 3rd place going to Arran Watson, who beat the other two riders due to his overall faster times. The idea behind the event, to bring together riders of differing ability/age/fitness has proved to be worth it, the winning times being much closer together and we have finally managed to stop Julian from winning !!, humbled into 4th place !!.

Sunday 12th October,2014 10 miles GA10/1 ( Pot Luck 2 up league,leg 2 )


Sunday 5th. October, 2014. 10 miles GA10/1 ( Pot Luck 2 up league, leg 1 )

Weather- dry,mild 19 degrees,wind light south 7mph

1st- Judd Parker & Andy Lewin 26 mins 07 secs

2nd – Phil Burton & Julian Hesp 26 mins 57 secs

3rd – Simon Hobday & Ian Barley 28 mins 47 secs

4th – Matt Fieldson & Arran Watson 29 mins 04 secs

League positions after round 1

Judd Parker 6 points

Andy Lewin 6 points

Phil Burton 5 points

Julian Hesp 5 points

Simon Hobday 4 points

Ian Barley 4 points

Matt Fieldson 3 points

Arran Watson 3 points

The first round of the October 2 up pot luck league cup was conducted in very pleasant October sunshine, albeit against a light south wind that made it difficult along the Trent bank.New member Judd Parker drew Andy Lewin as his partner and the duo proved to be the fastest pairing winning the event in 26 mins 07 secs. The rapidly improving Phil Burton rode with Julian and posted a very credible 26 mins 57 secs to take 2nd place. Simon rode only his 2nd tt of the year and went well with Ian Barley, whilst the Corringham ” Beer Engine” team of Matt & Arran, posted a solid 29 mins 04 secs. The event proved most interesting as a ” leveler “, with only 3 mins covering the field. The competition will be won by the rider with the highest number of points after the 3 rounds. In the event of a tie on points, the rider with the fastest overall cumulative time for the 3 events will be placed 1st. All to play for next week, lady luck will play a big role at the draw and make for a more open and unpredictable competition.

Sunday 28th Spertember, 2014. 9 miles GA9/2 INTERCLUB V TVRC & AEGIR


Weather dry,warm 23 degrees, wind light 5mph south.

1st VIKING VELO – Scratch 62 mins 13 secs (Hesp,Lewin,Nash). Handicap 59 mins 19 secs(Burton,Clarke,Barley) TOTAL TIME 121 mins 32 secs

2nd TRENT VALLEY – Scratch 65 mins 17 secs(Codd,Vickers,Pycroft) Handicap 64 mins 51 secs(Williams,Williams,Girven) TOTAL TIME 130 mins 08 secs

3rd Aegir – Scratch 75 mins 48 secs(Commerford,Carnall,Halstead) Handicap 76 mins 13 secs(Green,Findley,Findley) TOTAL TIME 152 mins 01 secs

Individual positions/times

1st Julian Hesp 20 mins 07 secs(Viking Velo)

2nd Andy Lewin 20 mins 12 secs(Viking Velo)

3rd Andy Codd 21 mins 03 secs(Trent Valley)

4th James Vickers 21 mins 14 secs(Trent Valley)

5th Joe Nash 21 mins 54 secs(Viking Velo)

6th Shaun Pycroft 22 mins 50 secs(Trent Valley)

7th Cliff Williams 23 mins 43 secs(Trent Valley)

8th Rob Gregory 23 mins 45 secs(Trent Valley)

9th Arran Watson 23 mins 48 secs (Viking Velo)

10th Phil Burton 23 mins 59 secs ( Viking Velo )

11th Ian Ferraby 24 mins 16 secs(Viking Velo)

12th Gary Parker 24 mins 23 secs(Trent Valley)

13th Lee Harland 24 mins 32 secs(Viking Velo)

14th Ian Barley 24 mins 51 secs(Viking Velo)

15th Simon Hobday 24 mins 59 secs(Viking Velo)

16th Pete Commerford 25 mins 14 secs(Aegir)

17th =George Carnell 25 mins 17 secs(Aegir)

17th=Trevor Halstead 25 mins 17 secs(Aegir)

18th Ross Williams 25 mins 40 secs(Trent Valley)

19th = Matt Fieldson 25 mins 43 secs(Viking Velo)

19th= James Green 25 mins 43 secs(Aegir)

20th Chris Warrilow 26 mins 04 secs(Viking Velo)

21st Andy Clarke 26 mins 10 secs(Viking Velo)

22nd Jim Girven 27 mins 11 secs(Trent Valley)

23rd Mechele Barley 27 mins 51 secs (Viking Velo)

24th Jo Findley 30 mins 28 secs( Aegir)

25th John Findley 30 mins 37 secs(Aegir)

When this cycling club was formed in the winter of 2013, no-one but a fool believed that it would be easy. Privately, i doubted that we would even get enough people to justify bothering with all the hassle of forming a new club, but we persevered, taking each week as it came and slowly the reality that it could be done dawned in early 2014. Never did i ever imagine that 6 months later, we would be taking on Trent Valley and the Aegir and not only competing with them, but beating them !. Unreal !. And what a victory….it wasn’t even close! (i have been much more magnanimous in the press !). So to every one who took part….a very big well done….you all did this cycling club proud. There were so many amazing rides that i don’t want to comment on individuals, typing out these results in full has taken me enough time already !!!. Suffice it to say…from the flying scratch team of Hesp, Lewin & Nash (now known as EPO Joe ! ) to the handicap ravers of Burton,Clarke(only time for 1 bankside fag this race)& Barley…and to all those stuck somewhere in either camp….oh and to the Viking gods that blessed us with such amazing weather…..and to the marshalls Dave, Dan,Mark & Colin..and to Sally & Stacy for the fab BBQ…..THANKS.

Thursday 11th September,2014. 8.3 miles GA8/1

Weather dry,cool 15 degrees,wind light 8mph easterly.

1st – Andy Lewin 20 mins 09 secs

2nd – Steve Dobson 21 mins 39 secs

3rd – Phil Burton 24 mins 54 secs

4th – Chris Warrilow 24 mins 55 secs

5th – Matt Fieldson 25 mins 16 secs

6th – Andy Clarke & Joe Nash ( Tandem ) DNF-punctured

Guest Riders

1st – Stuart Grocock 22 mins 23 secs ( Lincs Squad )

2nd – Kev Lovett 23 mins 34 secs ( Lincoln Velo )

A cool but dry evening, with a light wind from the east,making the last 2 miles hard work,but not offering much help in any other direction on this course. Andy Lewin posted a winning time of 20 mins 09 secs, which given the weather, was a very solid performance. Steve Dobson showed much improved form and finished 2nd with a great time of 21 mins 39 secs. Phil Burton & Chris Warrilow could only be separated by 1 second in 3rd & 4th place. The tandem team of Andy & Joe had a reality check with a very big loud Tyre blowout after hitting a stone near Bunkers Hill farm. Thankfully Andy had already bottled the aero bars, had he been on the extensions at the time, he would have needed an emergency change of cycling shorts !!.

Thursday 4th September, 2014 – 9 & 18 miles GA9/1

Weather dry,warm 19 degrees,wind light 5mph north east.

Results 9 miles

1st – Julian Hesp 20 mins 58 secs

2nd – Andy Lewin 22 mins 12 secs

3rd – Lee Harland 25 mins 14 secs

4th – Phil Burton 26 mins 37 secs

5th – Chris Warrilow 27 mins 19 secs

6th – Matt Fieldson 27 mins 37 secs

Guest Riders

1st – David Butler 21 mins 48 secs ( Lincoln Wheelers )

2nd – Trevor Halstead 27 mins 03 secs ( Gainsborough Aegir )

3rd – Stephen Clayton 29 mins 09 secs

Results 18 miles

1st – Julian Hesp 42 mins 18 secs

2nd – Andy Lewin 44 mins 32 secs

Guest Riders

1st – David Butler 44 mins 04 secs ( Lincoln Wheelers)

2nd – Trevor Halstead 54 mins ( Gainsborough Aegir )

This event allowed riders to complete one circuit ( 9 miles ) or to continue for a second circuit an thus do the 18 miles.The weather was very pleasant with just a very light north easterly wind,making the road to Pilham, the hardest bit. This is a favorite event for Julian Hesp and he once again showed his liking for this tough hilly course, winning both the 9 & 18 mile races. His 18 mile time was a quite superb 42 mins 18 secs, which is only 15 secs off the course record set way back in 2002 by Phil Crashley. Andy Lewin chased Julian home over both distances. There were notable rides from new member Phil Burton and also Lee Harland who finished 3rd in the 9 mile event.



Sunday 31st August, 2014 – 10 miles GA10/2

Weather dry, warm, 21 degrees. Wind light 8 mph, north west.


1st – Julian Hesp 23 mins 07 secs

2nd – Andy Lewin 23 mins 18 secs

3rd – Joe Nash 26 mins 06 secs

4th – Ian Ferraby 27 mins 48 secs

5th – Arran Watson 28 mins 35 secs

6th – Matt Fieldson 30 min 30 secs

Shaun Pycroft & Paul Pycroft ( Tandem ) Trent Valley Road Club DNF ( Mechanical )

Last Sunday saw Viking Velo race 10 miles from Knaith to Torksey and back. The weather was dry and warm, but a light north wind made the return leg pretty tough. Andy Lewin’s recent run of victories was brought to an end, albeit by a very small margin, by Julian Hesp. Julian won the event with a time of 23 mins 07 secs, beating Andy by just 11 secs. The Viking Velo duo expected to be pushed hard by the Trent Valley Tandem team of the pycroft brothers, Paul & Shaun. Unfortunately they suffered from a dropped chain which saw them have to retire from the race after only a couple of miles. Joe Nash made one of his rare tt appearances ( work commitments ) and despite his long lay off, recorded a very solid time of 26 mins 06 secs.

Thursday 21st August 2014 – 10.3 miles GA10/3

Weather dry, cool 17 degrees, wind moderate south west 15 mph.


1st – Andy Lewin 24 mins 30 secs

2nd – Julian Hesp 24 mins 46 secs

3rd – Lee Harland 29 mins 36 secs

4th – Ian Ferraby 30 mins 05 secs

5th – Arran Watson 30 mins 12 secs

6th – Matt Fieldson 30 mins 45 secs

7th – Phil Burton 31 mins 19 secs

Guest Rider

Chris Warrillow 31 mins 17 secs

This proved to be a demanding time trial, with the wind playing a big part and making the long ride down the Trent bank very hard. Andy Lewin continued his fine run of form and managed to hold off Julian Hesp by just 16 secs. Lee Harland rode a great comeback race, having been off for several months due to work commitments. Similarly, Matt Fieldson had been absent for a while, but did his best ever ride. It was indeed very tight behind the front two riders, with less than 2 mins covering the next 6 riders.

Thursday 14th August 2014 – 15 miles GA15/1

Weather showers, road wet, cool 16 degrees, wind light 8mph north westerly.

Results ( 15 miles )

1st – Andy Lewin 34 mins 24 secs

2nd – Julian Hesp 35 mins

3rd – Ian Ferraby 40 mins 12 secs

Guest Riders

1st – David Butler 35 mins 38 secs ( Lincoln Wheelers )

Results ( 8.3 miles )

1st – Arran Watson & Andy Clarke 22 mins 07 secs ( Tandem )

Not too many riders fancied this one, with a heavy downpour in the late afternoon no doubt putting off a few. The event itself wasn’t too bad weatherwise, with the dark clouds that promised a deluge, largely staying just north of the course and only fairly light rain. The 15 mile race was won in some style by Andy Lewin. He recorded a super time of 34 mins 24 secs which has very rarely been bettered. Andy was chased home by Julian Hesp in another great time of 35 mins dead. David Butler from the Lincoln Wheelers filled the 3rd spot overall in a solid time of 35 mins 38 secs. The race had a couple of lighter moments, with entertainment being provided by Sally the timekeeper and then julian. Sally initially declared that Julian had done the fastest time, but when gently questioned by a bemused Andy Lewin, quickly realised that she had employed some school girl arithmatic and then declared that in fact Andy had indeed gone faster !. Julian then claimed that he had been mauled by a couple of large dogs whilst passing through the village of East Ferry and this had cost him the race. No one else recalled seeing these marauding hounds, but several people saw Julian cycling home with Lord Lucan !.

Sunday 10th August, 2014 – 9 miles GA9/2

Event CANCELLED – Biblical rain

Thursday 7th August, 2014 – 10 miles GA10/1

Weather dry, warm 22 degrees, wind very light 2 mph westerly.


1st – Julian Hesp 23 mis 06 secs

2nd – Ian Ferraby 26 mins 39 secs

3rd – Arran Watson 27 mins 58 secs

4th – Ian Barley 28 mins 36 secs

5th – Mechele Barley 31 mins 28 secs

6th – Andy Clarke 32 mins 37 secs

Guest Riders

1st – David Butler 24 mins 23 secs ( Lincoln Wheelers )

2nd – Ruth Wilson 26 mins 49 secs ( Strategic Lions )

3rd – Jud Parker 27 mins 27 secs

4th – Kev Lovett 28 mins 23 secs ( Lincoln Velo )

5th – Phil Burton 29 mins 44 secs

6th – Helen Robinson 31 mins 36 secs

7th – Simon Carter 34 mins 53 secs

A good turnout for this 10 mile event, conducted in very pleasant summer conditions. The near total lack of wind, meant that all parts of the course were equally difficult. The clubs Julian Hesp saw off all comers to record an impressive victory in a very fast 23 mins 6 secs. Julian was chased home by Lincoln Wheelers David Butler who finished over a minute behind in a good time of 24 mins 23 secs.There were great rides from Ian Ferraby , Arran Watson, Ian and Mechele Barley. It was nice to see that the race included three lady riders, all of whom managed to beat the last Viking Velo male rider by a significant margin.

Thursday 31st July, 2014. 9 miles ( 1 circuit ) or 18 miles ( 2 circuits ) GA9/1

Weather showers, 22 degress, wind light south west 5 mph.

Results ( 9 miles )

1st – Julian Hesp 21 mins 13 secs

2nd – Andy Lewin 22 mins 44 secs

3rd – Ian Ferraby 25 mins 03 secs

4th – Phil Burton ( Guest ) 27 mins 39 secs

Results ( 18 miles )

1st – Julian Hesp 42 mins 57 secs

2nd – Phil Burton ( Guest ) 56 mins 05 secs

This hilly course is becoming a bit of a favorite track for the club’s Julian Hesp. Not only did he win the 9 mile event in a new personal best of 21 mins 13 secs, but he then continued for a second lap of this very tough 9 mile circuit to complete the 18 miles in a superb time of 42 mins 57 secs, once again setting a new personal best . Andy Lewin chased home Julian over the 9 miles recording a very creditable time of 22 mins 44 secs but the big man opted not to go on and complete a second lap. The clubs Sally Shaw & Andy Clarke acted as timekeeper/wobbly pusher offer and for their rewards, had to endure over an hour of heavy grunge music booming out from a nearby house !. Oh the joys of being an adjudicator are many fold !!.

Thursday 24th July, 2014. 10 miles GA10/2

Weather dry, very warm, 25 degrees, wind light east north east 8mph.


1st – Julian Hesp 23 mins 19 secs

2nd – Andy Lewin 23 mins 23 secs

3rd – Ian Ferraby 27 mins 37 secs

Guest Ridars

1st – David Butler 23 mins 37 secs ( Lincoln Wheelers )

2nd – Kevin Lovett 28 mins 39 secs ( Lincoln Velo )

3rd – Chris warrillow 29 mins 38 secs

A lovely summers evening with just a light north easterly wind saw some very tight racing over this 10 mile circuit between Knaith Park and Torksey. On this occasion, Julian Hesp just touched off Andy Lewin by a mere 4 seconds. Lincoln wheelers rider David butler was just a further 14 second behind to take 3rd place overall. A great first ever time trial ride by Chris Wawillow who managed a very respectable 29 mins 38 seconds. All the riders broke 30 mins to all record 20 mph + averages, the standard of riders competing in our time trials remains very high.

Thursday 17th July, 2014 . 8.3 miles GA8/1 ( 25 Mile also available )

Weather dry, very warm, 25 degress wind light/moderate Easterly 10 mph.

Results ( 8.3 miles )

1st – Andy Lewin & Julian Hesp 19 mins 57 secs ( Tandem )

2nd – Arran Watson & Andy Clarke 22 mins 05 secs ( Tandem )

3rd – Ian Ferraby 24 mins 05 secs

4th – Ian Barley 24 mins 20 secs

5th – Michelle Barley 28 mins 43 secs

Results ( 25 miles )

1st – Andy Lewin & Julian Hesp 59 mins 27 secs ( Tandem )

A tricky evening to be riding this course, with hot humid conditions and a easterly breeze making the ride up from the Trent bank a hellish grind. Julian & Andy Lewin combined on the Tandem to win the single circuit event over 8.3 miles. All the other riders decided to finish at this point, but Julian & Andy decided to continue and complete another two circuits and do the 25 miles. They recorded a superb time of 59 mins 27 secs which meant they maintained an average of above 25 mph for the entire distance, which given the easterly breeze was no mean feat. Ian Ferraby finished fastest of the solo riders whilst Ian and Michelle Barley had a matrimonial battle with the far from chivalrous  Ian beating his wife Michelle ( rode a personal best).

Sunday 13th July, 2014-9 miles GA9/2

Weather dry, warm 20 degress, wind moderate North west 15 mph


1st –  Julian Hesp & Andy Clarke 23 mins 12 secs ( Tandem )

2nd – Arran Watson 25 mins 40 secs

3rd – Ian Ferraby 26 mins 36 secs

4th – Ian Barley 26 mins 52 secs

5th – Matt Fieldson 27 mins 37 secs

Guest Riders

1st – Jud Parker 25 mins 10 secs

2nd – Derek Sanderson & Helen Coleman 27 mins 22 secs ( Tandem ) Gainsborough Aegir

A difficult day to be cycling north, with a persistent northerly headwind to contend with. This made this event very testing and times were well back compared with the previous time we did this track. Prospective new member Jud Parker did very well on his first time trial finishing fastest of the solo riders behind the tandem of Julian & Andy C. Good times were recorded by all the other riders on a difficult day. At least the forecasted heavy showers failed to spoil the BBQ afterwards!.

Thursday 3rd July, 2014 – 8.3 miles GA8/1

Weather dry, warm, 21 degrees, wind moderate South West 15 mph.


1st – Andy Lewin 19 mins 51 secs

2nd –Julian Hesp 20 mins 07 secs

3rd – Joe Nash & Andy Clarke ( Tandem ) 21 mins 49 secs

4th – Arran Watson 24 mins 12 secs

5th – Matt Fieldson 26 mins 08 secs

Guest Riders

1st – David Butler 20 mins 51 secs ( Lincoln Wheelers )

2nd – Simon Carter 25 mins 27 secs

3rd – Clare Johnson 26 mins 00 secs

A decent turnout for this extended 8 mile ( 8.3 miles) event with a moderate south westerly breeze making the ride along trentside pretty testing. Andy Lewin rode his single speed bike to great effect and won the event in a very smart 19 mins 51 secs beating Julian Hesp into 2nd place, by a margin of 16 seconds. Third place was David Butler, representing Lincoln Wheelers who posted a fast 20 mins 51 seconds. Two solid rides were recorded by the two Guest riders, Simon Carter recording 25 mins 27 secs & Clare Johnson 26 mins .

Thursday 26th June, 2014– 5.5 miles TV5/2

Weather,dry overcast 16 degrees, wind east 12mph.


1st – Andy Lewin 12 mins 55 secs.

2nd – Arran Watson & Andy Clarke ( Tandem ) 14 mins 54 secs.

3rd – Ian Ferraby 15 mins 39 secs

A small but select turnout for this extended 5 mile tt ( 5 1/2 miles ). Conditions were tricky with a moderate easterly wind making the ride to the line hard work. However Andy Lewin continued in fine form and if anything, found even more improvement to post a tremendous 12 min 55 secs. ArranWatson & Andy Clarke repeated their time from the last race over this course and distance whilst newest Viking Velo member Ian Ferraby is returning to form after a long lay off and posted an excellent 15 mins 39 secs…there’s life in them old legs yet !.

Sunday 8th June, 2014 – 9 miles GA9/2

Weather, dry,sunny,warm 21 degrees, wind south West 12 mph.


1st – Andy Lewin & Julian Hesp  20 mins 00 secs (Track Record )- Tandem

2nd – Joe Nash & Andy Clarke 21 mins 03 secs ( Track Record ) – Tandem

3rd – Lee Harland 24 mins 15 secs

4th – Ian Barley 25 mins 19 secs

5th – Matt Fieldson 25 mins 30 secs

6th – Michelle Barley 30 mins 05 secs

Guest Riders

1st – Ian Ferraby 23 mins 43 secs

2nd – Pete Hanks 25 mins 54 secs – Gainsborough Aegir cc

3rd – Dave Walker 26 mins 22 secs – Gainsborough Aegir cc

4th – Steve Mell 30 mins 28 secs – Burringham Bullet

Perfect cycling weather and a big turnout for Viking Velo’s 9 mile time trial saw the course record broken not once but twice by the first two home.The event was won by the clubs two fast men Andy Lewin & Julian Hesp who teamed up on a tandem and smashed the record by one & half minutes and recorded a superb 20 minutes dead, which equates to an average speed of 27 mph. In second place came the other Tandem team with Joe Nash & Andy Clarke posting 21 minutes 03 seconds beating the course record by 20 secs.All the competitors recorded great times with notable performances from Steve Mell knocking over 5 minutes off his previous best for this track and Ian Ferraby shaving one and a half minutes off his previous best. The race was followed by the very popular BBQ at the Dog & Gun pub in East Butterwick. A lovely afternoon showing the cycling club at it’s best and highlighting why the club is a bit different to the rest.

Thursday5th June,2014– 8.3 & 15 miles GA15/1 2 up

Weather, dry sunny 18 degrees,wind west 15 mph.


8.3 Miles

1st Arran Watson & Andy Clarke 22 mins 31 secs ( Tandem ).

15 Miles

1st Julian Hesp & Andy Lewin 34 mins 44 secs

2nd Ian Barley & Matt Fieldson 1 hour 1 min 48 secs ( PUNCTURED )

Lee Harland DNF ( PUNCTURED )

The club’s 2 up contest proved to be eventful, but not for too many positive reasons. The low turnout and fresh westerly wind made this a hard ride, throw in a couple of punctures and this event is perhaps best consigned to the low profile dept. A mention must be made about the superb time posted by Andy & Julian of 34 mins 44 secs for the 15 miles. Lets move on shall we !

Thursday 29th May, 2014-9 & 18 miles, course GA9/1

Weather, overcast and dull. Temperature 15 degrees, road dry, wind 6mph easterly.


9 miles

1st Julian Hesp 21 mins 34 secs

2nd Andy Lewin 22 mins 28 secs

3rd Arran Watson 25 mins 26 secs

4th Matt Fieldson 29 mins 12 secs

18 miles

1st Julian Hesp 43 mins 29 secs

2nd Andy Lewin 45 mins 57 secs

Guest Riders

9 miles

1st David Butler 22 mins 03 secs ( Lincoln Wheelers )

2nd Jeremy Nicholson 22 mins 39 secs ( Lincoln Wheelers )

18 miles

1st David Butler 44 mins 27 secs( Lincoln Wheelers )

The incessant rain of the past week, finally abated,allowing VikingVelo to hold their regular Thursday evening time trial. This weeks event comprised a 9 mile circuit around Gainsborough Golf club,finishing with the tough climb of Thunnock hill. Several of the riders took the option to complete a second lap of the circuit and so raced over 18 miles. The hill climbing section of the circuit suits some more than others and this was certainly a course that suited Viking Velo’s Julian Hesp. Julian won both the 9 mile and the 18 mile races increasing his winning margin over his closest regular rival Andy Lewin. Andy is a much taller cyclist than Julian and as such, weighs more, so the advantage on this hilly circuit swung more in Julian’s Favour. Lincoln Wheelers had two representatives in this race, both pushing the Viking duo very hard. The club’s Arran Watson and Matt Fieldson both found this course difficult, their pub honed physiques being more suited to the flat tracks around Laughton Forrest !.

Thursday 22nd May, 2014 – 10.3 miles course GA10/3

Event cancelled, heavy rain, standing water, poor visibility.

Thursday 15 th May, 2014 – 8.3 miles, course GA8/1

Weather 18 degrees, road dry. Wind 5mph from the north west.


1st – Julian Hesp 19 mins 31 secs.

2nd – Andy Lewin 19 mins 33 secs.

3rd – Arran Watson & Andy Clarke 21 mins 23 secs ( Tandem ).

4th – Lee Harland 23 mins 04 secs.

5th – Ian Barley 24 mins 38 secs .

Guest Riders.

1st – David Butler 20 mins 03 secs ( Lincoln Wheelers ).

2nd – Calum Lawson 20 mins 22 secs ( Dinnington RC ).

A beautiful spring evening with little wind produced some great times from all the riders. Julian Hesp & Andy Lewin once again battled it out for the leaders jersey, with Julian prevailing by almost the narrowest margin of just 2 seconds !. These two were kept up to their game by the visiting riders , with David Butler (Lincoln) & our old friend Calum Lawson (Dinnington) both posting very fast times. The tandem team telly tubbies posted for them a superb time and likewise Lee Harland & Ian Barley both showed improved form. A fine evening all round.

Thursday 8th May, 2014 – 10 miles, course GA10/2

Weather – very wet, very dark and very not safe….EVENT CANCELLED

Thursday 1st May, 2014 – 15 miles, course GA15/1

Weather – 8 degrees, road conditions damp after light drizzle. Wind 12mph from the north east.


1st – Julian Hesp 34 mins 36 secs 

2nd – Andy Lewin 34 mins 54 secs 

3rd – Lee Harland 43 mins 45 secs

4th – Arran Watson 43 mins 48 secs

5th – Matthew Fieldson 45 mins 06 secs

Guest Riders

1st – Jeremy Nicholson 35 mins 34 secs ( Lincoln Wheelers )

2nd- David Butler 40 mins 22 secs (off course ) Lincoln Wheelers.

Short course- 8.3 miles

Joe Nash & Andy Clarke 21 mins 44 secs (tandem).

A cool damp evening, with a light to moderate north easterly wind. Some fantastic times with personal bests for Julian, Andy,Lee and Arran. The fiercely fought battle between Julian Hesp & Andy Lewin saw Julian prevail by a narrow margin of just 18 secs over his time trial nemesis, Andy. Another even closer result saw Lee Harland just beat Arran Watson on the nod, by just 3 secs. Matt Fieldson riding his first ever 15, posted a great time of just over 45 mins. The two Lincoln raiders rode once again really well, pushing the Vikings hard. Although one of the Lincoln lads (David Butler) decided to take a detour down to East Butterwick and was rumored to have popped into the Dog & Gun for a swift pint !. The Tandem pairing of Joe Nash & Andy Clarke, rode the shorter 8.3 mile course and on their first outing together of 2014, recording a pleasing time of 21 mins 44 secs.


Thursday 23rd April,2014 – 8.3 miles,  2 up ttt, course GA8/1.

Weather – 14 degress, road conditions dry but with some standing water from overnight rain. Wind 6 mph south east.


1st – Julian hesp & Andy Lewin 19 mins 30 secs.

2nd – Steve Dobson & Lee Harland 22 mins 23 secs.

3rd – Ian Barley & Matthew Fieldson 24 mins 43 secs.

Guest Riders

1st – Matthew Hindmarsh & Liam Hindmarsh (juv) 19 mins 51 secs.

2nd – Jeremy Nicholson & David Butler 19 mins 54 secs.

3rd –Ian Ferraby (solo ) 23 mins 59 secs.

Another pleasant spring evening for this 2 up 8.3 mile contest, with a light south east wind just making this hard on the way back home. Eleven riders in total and a closely fought battle between Viking Velo, Lincoln Wheelers and the Hindmarsh twins representing Dinnington RC. Victory overall, went to the inform Viking Velo pairing of Hesp & Lewin, who narrowly prevailed in a ding dong battle, pipping the Hindmarsh duo by just 21 seconds. The Lincoln wheelers team of Nicholson & Butler were only a further 3 seconds behind in a blanket finish. Great rides from the 2 other Viking Velo teams of Dobson & Harland and the improving Barley & Fieldson. Ian Ferraby(guest) was the odd man out and rode solo with a solid back from injury performance.

Thursday 17 th April, 2014 – 10 miles, course GA10/1

Weather – 11 degress, road conditions dry, wind 17 mph west.


1st –Andy Lewin & Julian Hesp ( Dead heat ) 24 mins 40 secs.

2nd – Arran Watson & Andy Clarke (Tandem) 28 mins 16 secs.

3rd – Steve Dobson 28 mins 40 secs.

4th – Ian Barley 31 mins 39 secs.

5th – Matthew Fieldson 32 mins 54 secs.

The weather was tough for this bang 10 mile time trial. A fresh westerley breeze made it hard and the trent bank proved tricky with a gusty sidewind. Arran and Andy on their tandem found the sidewind very difficult, their wheel choice in running solid disc proved to be a point of much cursing during the race!. The result was a dead heat for first place(though Sally the timekeeper is not revealing who nabbed it on 1/100 ths !), between Andy Lewin and Julian Hesp with an impressive in the conditions 24 mins 40 secs. Nice to see Steve Dobson back with a solid performance in his first tt this year.

Thursday 10 th April 2014 – 5.6 miles, course TV5/2.

Weather – 12 degrees c, road conditions dry, wind 8 mph west north west.


1st – Andy Lewin 13 mins 25 secs.

2nd- Andy Clarke & Arran Watson 14 mins 53 secs ( Tandem ).

3rd- Lee Harland 16 mins 19 secs.

4th- Ian Barley 16 mins 34 secs.

5th- Matthew Fieldson 17 mins 32 secs.

Guest Riders

Ian Ferraby 16 mins 22 secs.

The very 1st Viking Velo time trial was held on a pleasant spring evening with just a light wind. A great ride from Andy Lewin riding his single gear fixie to victory. In addition newcomer Matt Fieldson showed great promise having only just taken up cycle racing yet managing to average close to 20 mph!. Nice to see our friend Ian Ferraby back in the saddle having been off for some time due to illness.

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