Racing Schedule 2018

Viking Race  We will be running the majority of our time trial races in conjunction with Trent Valley . These will be held on Tuesday evenings and will be known as THE GAINSBOROUGH COMBINED CYCLING CLUBS events. Each of the two clubs taking part,  will take it in turn to host. IN ADDITION, WE ALSO HAVE SOME SUNDAY RACES, which do not involve Trent Valley, but members from Trent Valley are more than welcome to ride as guests. Riders are asked to attend each Tuesday tt regardless of who is hosting that weeks event. This is essential so as to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of income for each club, the last thing we want, is for riders to only attend the Tuesday event held when their club is hosting. So PLEASE treat each tt on a Tuesday, as if it was our own event.

All our time trials are open to members and guest riders from other cycling clubs that are affiliated to CTT. All competitors are STRONGLY advised to wear a cycling helmet and fit a flashing red rear light to their bikes( please note that this is COMPULSORY when riding events with Trent Valley as the host club.

Due to the popularity of these events, Please make sure that you arrive at the start,  30 mins before the advertised start time, to allow plenty of time for signing on, number fitting etc.

PRICES          Adults, £3.00 per rider           Juveniles (under 18), £2.00 per rider.

For a detailed course description with start position and full route, please scroll to the bottom of this page.


Date         Promoting club      Event         Course        Start Area        Start Time


27/03/18       VVRC              5.6mile        TV5/2        Carr Lane           6.30pm


03/04/18      TVRC               8.3mile        GA8/1       Laughton Lane    6.30pm


10/04/18      VVRC               10mile         GA10/1     Laughton Lane    6.30pm


17/04/18      TVRC               10mile         GA10/1      Laughton Lane   6.30pm


24/04/18      VVRC             15 or 8mile    GA15/1      Laughton Lane   6.30pm


01/05/18      TVRC             15 or 8mile     GA15/1     Laughton Lane    7.00pm


08/05/18      VVRC               10.5mile       TV10/2     Laughton Lane    7.00pm


15/05/18      TVRC                10mile         TV10/1     Knaith                7.00pm


22/05/18      VVRC                10mile         GA10/1     Laughton Lane    7.00pm


29/05/18      TVRC           17 or 10.5mile   TV17/1     Laughton Lane    7.00pm


05/06/18      VVRC                8.3mile        GA8/1       Laughton Lane    7.00pm


12/06/18      TVRC                10.5mile       TV10/2     Laughton Lane    7.00pm


19/06/18      VVRC                9mile           GA9/2      Laughton Lane     7.00pm


26/06/18      TVRC          8.3/17/25mile     TV25/1    Laughton Lane     7.00pm


03/07/18      VVRC                10mile          GA10/1    Laughton Lane     7.00pm


10/07/18      TVRC                 10mile          GA10/1   Laughton Lane     7.00pm


17/07/18      VVRC                 10mile          GA10/1   Laughton Lane     7.00pm


24/07/18      TVRC                 10mile          TV10/1    Knaith                 7.00pm


31/07/18      VVRC                 5.6mile          TV5/2     Carr Lane            7.00pm


07/08/18      TVRC                 10mile           GA10/2   Knaith                 7.00pm


14/08/18      VVRC              15 or 8mile       GA15/1   Laughton Lane     6.30pm


21/08/18      TVRC              15 or 8mile       GA15/1   Laughton Lane     6.30pm


28/08/18      VVRC                 10mile           GA10/1   Laughton Lane     6.30pm


04/09/18      TVRC                  5mile             GA5/1    Marton                6.30pm


30/09/18      VVRC                  9mile             GA9/2    Laughton Lane     11.30am (interclub) Free food afterwards @ The Dog & Gun


21/10/18      VVRC                  9mile             GA9/2   Laughton Lane     11.30am Free food afterwards @ The Dog & Gun


23/12/18     VVRC                  9mile              GA9/2  Laughton  Lane     11.30am Free food afterwards @ The Dog & Gun











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